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Meet Gwenivere Snyder - Canvas Rebel

We were lucky to catch up with Gwenivere Snyder recently and have shared our conversation below.

Hi Gwenivere , thanks for joining us today. We’d love to hear about the things you feel your parents did right and how those things have impacted your career and life.

I was in a horrible car accident at 17 years old, a junior in high school A women ran a stop sign in a truck and my car went into the side and underneath it. The steering wheel severed my femur in half, the seat belt saved me from being decapitated and jaws of life got my unconscious, mangled body from the car and into the ambulance. Many surgeries, a blood clot in my lung, pain and feeling sorry for myself led my dad to come into my room one night for a heart to heart talk as I was not doing well or feeling hope…He told me that I had every right to be mad and feel sorry for myself, it was not fair and I could choose to feel that OR I could take this as something that could turn into the best but hardest event I have ever endured to teach me things I would never learn without it. He challenged me to forgive those involved and look to the later of the advice and take the tougher road but one that would benefit me in the long run…..I was so mad at first, felt so misunderstood but then it sunk in and it made sense and his advice to rise out of the ashes has been the best advice for me!

Gwenivere , love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

When talking to Gwenivere Snyder, one thing is clear – she loves her job. But she loves her family and her clients more. Selling homes is her passion and giving each of her clients the concierge service she is known for has enabled her to build a business that is 100% referral based.

Snyder’s phenomenal success in the Denver Metro can be attributed to her knowledge of the area, having been born and raised in Colorado. Offering the same level of service to every client, whether selling a multi-million-dollar home, or a home under $1 million, is important to her and it shows. She is as loyal to her clients and her vendors as they are to her.

One of the state’s top agents with over $200 million sold in real estate transactions, she was recently named one of America’s Best by RealTrends. America’s Best Real Estate Professionals honors those real estate agents from across the U.S. who stand out as being the best of the best. Those ranked are among the top 1.5% of 1.6 million real estate professionals in the United States, which puts her in good company.

Even though the real estate business can be thought of as competitive, Snyder loves to champion other female agents, many of whom are friends and says she is her biggest competition. But success didn’t happen overnight. It started 20 years ago on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. She was burnt out in her then career and with the help of a female mentor, started in real estate for Sotheby’s International Realty, while pregnant with twins.

Any stories or insights that might help us understand how you’ve built such a strong reputation?

Snyder loves supporting organizations that empower women and benefit children and those in need. Her giving and generous nature prompted her to start donating 10% of each closed deal to Philanthropic organizations. Giving back is at the cornerstone of who she is, and it’s something she’s instilled in her children.

She sits on the board and is the Founder of the Women’s Guild for A Precious Child, an organization that provides opportunities and resources to children and families in need in Colorado. She recently made an appearance on Colorado & Company to discuss the Fill a Backpack program for the organization which allows kids the opportunity to come to school on the first day feeling confident and prepared. Learn more here.

She credits the success of her business in part to her friends and family. Her family includes husband Jeff, their three children, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren, and her beloved dogs, Zeus and Hunter.

Having dealt with many health challenges within the family over the years, they are her motivation to succeed. While she is best known for handling luxury home sales, Snyder prides herself on going the extra mile for all her clients and is persistant in helping them achieve their goals.

Where do you think you get most of your clients from?

The best source of new clients has been my referral base which is 100% I have the most loyal clients who trust my discretion and knowledge – I love working with legacy clients!

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