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Conversations with the Inspiring Gwenivere Snyder

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Thanks for sharing your story with us Gwenivere. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. Born and raised in Colorado, I have always had a love for nature, beauty and the importance of home. I was able to live in Europe and travel the world early in life where I experienced a variety of people, cultures, and styles. From there, I moved to Los Angeles and worked in the private aviation industry before becoming VP of marketing for an internet and entertainment company. My growing family, love for home and suggestion from friends helped prompt me to move into real estate. I was fortunate to work at 3 top Beverly Hills firms while I was in Los Angeles working with fantastic clients on both selling and purchasing luxury homes. After several more years, our love of family and the outdoors led us back to my roots here in beautiful, majestic Colorado. I continued building my business in Colorado and feel privileged to work with Professional Athletes, Coaches, Top Executives, and amazing people! Giving back to the community is a huge part of my vision. I serve as President of the Women’s Guild for A Precious Child and give back 10% of each closed deal to charity. My family includes a wonderful husband of 21 years, a 20-year-old son attending Kansas State, 15-year-old boy/girl twins and beloved Lab and German Short Hair Pointer… our house is full of love! My highest priority is my client whether acting as the buyer’s agent or listing agent. That means that I am fully committed to you getting exactly what you want. No detail is too small to be overlooked and comprehensive communication is a must. I consider myself a concierge Realtor and I love every minute of it!
Has it been a smooth road? Building your business takes time, it is a slow and steady climb. Don’t give up! Keep networking, finding other women who are like minded. One of my favorite things is to empower other women, build them up and help mentor other women. What I put out has always come back to bless me! As you see your other friends moving up and succeeding, don’t get jealous, actually, look at as it’s her time and yours is coming! I really kicked things into gear when my husband had a brain tumor removed and we said goodbye as they wheeled him away for a 6-hour surgery in Los Angeles. I was so scared, not knowing what would happen, but I resolved that we would be okay no matter what. My husband did make it, they had to cut his hearing and balance on left side but he made it! It was a very difficult time and recovery but we had our family and future together. My goal was to double my earnings to help and I did. During that time, not a lot of people knew what we were facing, a small group of family and three of my clients who were Bronco players did and they encouraged me so much – special thanks to our family, Derek Wolfe, David Bruton Jr, and Danny Trevathan. Beyond grateful for all the friends who walked that hard time with us. The most important part of work for me has been developing relationships and being a trustworthy person, people want to feel important and be authentically loved, that has been so fulfilling meeting such incredible people! Grit, hard work and persistence! Believe in yourself!
Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of. I am known for luxury homes, investment properties and being a real estate expert. It has been over 16 years and during that time, I have worked with High Profile People, Athletes, Celebrities, Business Executives and incredible Families. From investment properties to new development to ranches to the first time home buyer. Every home and client is important to me. What sets me apart is the concierge service I provide and the knowledge, contacts, and help I can provide to a buyer or a seller. My Luxury brand is something I am very proud of and it did not happen overnight. I have been in real estate for 16 years and perfecting my craft and knowledge of this industry. Incorporating giving back to my community is at the top of my list as well. I give back 10% of each deal to charity. I remember our lean times. Building a brand means going the extra mile, learning how to work smarter and have a great outlook.
Who do you look up to? How have they inspired you? So many different women, all who have overcome adversity and challenges and kept going! My grandmother – she was my best friend and mom. She had a 7th-grade education, came from Russia and made a life here. She had six children! She worked two jobs and taught everyone in our family the importance of education and hard work and being of service to others. Giving back was such a great gift she taught me. I could be going through the hardest time, feeling so alone and scared and I would go sit on her couch and spill my guts out! She made us tea and some kind of treat to eat and would listen then give me the best advice and prayer. She never judged me. I miss her every day. Look for someone to help mentor the craft that is ahead of you and has success, don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction, we are all connected! Keep asking!

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